10 Worst BLACK FRIDAY Disasters Ever

Published on November 25, 2016 by Tajinder Singh

10 Worst BLACK FRIDAY Disasters Ever. How many of you are aware about the black Friday. It is the day when people go and purchase the awesome good from the store all over the world. Its like a ritual played between all the people in western countries. Black is the beautiful day for all those people who want to buy products in Walmart and other malls etc in the whole world. Those stores give huge amount of discount for the people on different kind of goods and products. People always want to get the products at cheapest prices. Nobody wants to lose this opportunity if somebody gives them anything on easiest prices.

Black Friday has awesome history in whole world. It has started in 1930’s and people started buying products on the cheapest prices in these stores all over the world. 10 Worst BLACK FRIDAY Disasters Ever available in this video. It normally seems that we ‘v got some bad incidents in these malls. Because of huge gathering of people in the store get some accidents to the people in running towards the stores when they open the doers.  They seems like animals at the exact time in the stores.

There should be some rules and regulations if govt. wants to stop these disasters happening all over the world. There are huge amount of accidents happened in past decade on this particular day. On one side when Black Friday seems beneficial for all those people who want to buy good and daily products for their home usage. But on the other side it also has scary face in which people faces lots of problems during the purchase of goods. Stores give near about 40% discount on the products available in their stores. Its also taken as the promotional day for all the stores and different brands available in the stores.

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