Claiming Dropped Catches Cheating Caught Live On The Camera

Published on December 27, 2016 by Tajinder Singh

Claiming Dropped Catches Cheating Caught Live On The Camera. Cricket is game of gentlemen and every one have to show true sportsmen ship on the ground. There are lots of player who breaks this rule just because of their attitude. Sports are always for making change in the attitude of any person around the world. There are quite amazing examples available around the world cricket through which you can see players doing wrong things.

Wrong things in the sense that they try to cheat on the ground just for a win. They don’t have care about the dignity of the game which gives them life. If anybody wants to be a long run player for the game then he needs to follow the each and every single rule of the game. Cricket is the most love able game around the world. After football it has popularity in the world and lots money is also involved in this game. Players just wants to show them self in front of people so they can earn money and fame also. But some times they did cheating on the ground .

Shameful & Cheat catches in cricket . Caught by 3rd Umpire. Cheating caught on the camera. Ricky ponting cheating in cricket, steve waugh cheating in cricket, Pakistan cheating in cricket, Umpire Cheating in cricket, Australia cheating in cricket. Watch the full video to know more incidents about the dropping catches in the cricket particularly.


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