This Couple Wanted Some Spice In Their Marriage, And What They Did For This Will Surprise You

Published on July 4, 2017 by Tajinder Singh

Marriage is most important part of any body’s life. Every body have wish to get married to the person that will stand well upon their requirements, but doesn’t happen many times. They both have to manage with some sort of hard and soft adjustment from both sides.

People say “Marriage is bliss”, but is it actually the same case even today? No, many couples are literally struggling hard to ensure a smooth married life, because problems continue to rise every passing day. Coping up with marital issues is not easy, especially when “Healthy sex” is missing.

Sexual problems in couples are very common and can ruin marriages. Finding a good solution is very essential in such cases; this movie “Chumbak” , which was screened at Cannes festival, is an eye-opener. This film is directed by Prabhakar Pant, who has given us 2 wonderful short films, “That Sunday” and “Lunch With My Friend’s Wife”. We are sure that just by hearing the name of the director, you are excited to watch it.

The couple is fed up of each other and want some way out; issues arise when the wife comes to know about her husband’s secrets; she’s shocked to no end. Later, the couple finds a bizarre solution to bring their life on track; after knowing their “way”, you will get shivers. You can’t miss the end at any cost.

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