Cricketers who Really have represented 2 countries

Published on December 9, 2016 by Tajinder Singh

Cricketers who Really have represented 2 countries. Most interesting game in the world Cricket has awesome secrets in it. Like there are many things which you normal people don’t know about. Especially in Asian countries especially India, pakistan, sri lanka, bangladesh are the most playable countries. There are quite interesting fact about the game equipments and the rules and regulations of the game actually. Its really awesome game that everybody wants to play it in his early age and even after the adult age. Some of them takes it as their professional field. As a professional cricketer there are awesome experiences available in the life.

There are lots of players who reall took cricket game seriously even if there were from the smallest countries of the world. When they wanted to be cricketer they started their games from their origin countries. But after some time they had gone to another famous countries where cricket is most lovalable. Cricketers who Really have represented 2 countries is pretty example of this thing. Here are the famous cricketer who actually played from the two different countries at different time. The took their duty very seriously and got successful in their tasks with pretty manner.

But the main thing which is noticable for these cricketers is that they were totally honest towards the country team with in which they were playing. These players were from different parts of the world. Even a player from the india has also played from England. Iftikhar ali khan pataudi who was successful captain of india and also played for england. Same thing is for zimbabwe player he also played for the england. Dirk nannes were player from holand and after some time he played for austrailia and played brilliantly. In current time we can see Luke ronchi who initially played for austrailia and now is in the team of new zealand. Watch the full video to know more about these players.


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