How Exactly You Should Warm Up Everyday, Tricks From Shilpa Shetty

Published on February 19, 2017 by Tajinder Singh

If you said the warm-up, you win! Without a proper warm-up, there are many risks associated with working out, including but not limited to injury, less-than-optimal performance, or slowed progress . According to expert a strength and conditioning coach based in Sacramento, CA, there are five integral parts of a warm-up that must be addressed before even touching a weight or setting foot on the treadmill. Start strong, finish stronger!

Dynamic mobility is the body’s ability to move in multiple directions safely. Closely related to flexibility (but arguably even more important),“dynamic mobility gently increases range of motion to reduce chance for injury.

Like this there are many more warm up routines that you can do in daily life. For that you have to watch this video fully.


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