Guy Proposed Cute Girl By Giving Her Flower Bouquet In Front Of GirlFriend Watch The Reaction

Published on March 22, 2017 by Tajinder Singh

Every now and then we see guys flirting with girls and trying their best to woo them with magical techniques. Bird watching is very common with guys; whenever they see a beautiful girl passing by, they try really hard to impress them in the best possible manner.

Some guys are too bold; the moment they see a girl, they are quick enough to propose her. However, this prank by Funk You is definitely going to give you a good laughter ride.

In this video, a guy is seen playing a prank on girls; he gives a flower bouquet to random girls and asks them to hold it till he ties his shoe lace.

Wow, Isn’t it amazing! because if somebody proposes you with brilliant method then who can refuse the proposal from first end. Watch this awesome video and give your comments below.


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