How to Increase Height After 21 Naturally Very Fast With These Easy 5 Ways

Published on June 3, 2017 by Tajinder Singh

People with good height always looks nice than with the short one. But who wants the short height, i think nobody is available in the arena of this world. We all know that it depends upon the genetic rules created by the nature itself. As we get these qualities especially from our parents. Most people have same reason about the good or bad height. There is a hormone in the body known as Human Growth Hormone (HGH) that regulates height.

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Yes i personally believe that being tall can improve how a person feels about himself or herself. People with short height, particularly men, may be self-conscious about it and feel less confident.

But how will you recommend the main reason behind these qualities regarding the height increment. Yes there are many ways or techniques available in this world through which anybody can increase his/her height efter after particular age till when they are young.

There are several ways about it, but here we are going to tell some interesting ways to increase height that you won’t disagree with.

1. Get Proper Diet and Nutrition

Nutrition becomes the most important part to grow anything in our body, either you want to increase height or gain muscles etc. If you will take exact nutrition with clean diet then you have brilliant possibility to get increment in your height in lesser time.

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Such protein and carbs diet balance plays vital role in this procedure. You can’t ignore things like milk, eggs, chicken, green vegetables, beans, apples and many more fruits with more protein.

2. Regular Exercise

Most important thing comes after diet is exercise. How you digest that diet easily and quickly matters most with your height increment. Hanging exercise and jumping are very good in this extent.

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This are very simple and fun exercise for height increase that shows results quickly. Hanging exercises can be done anywhere, and they provide a great challenge to the body.

During jumping exercises, the spine and calf muscles experience stretching due to the forceful lifting of the feet from the ground. This helps alot to increase the height.

3. Get Proper Sleep

Sleep in a room that is dark, quiet and fresh smelling. Do not expose yourself to bright light while you are sleeping. Light will make your brain stay awake.It is important to sleep in a well ventilated room. The amount of clean oxygen rich air that you breathe has an effect on your growth.

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Poor air can cause breathing and prevents you from growing during sleep. Growth hormones that affect the growth of the body get more power during this time of sleep and work very fast to increase height with in particular time.

4. Practice Good Posture

Many times in our life we see that people don’t bother about the sitting plan they have been following. Better posture can make you look both taller and thinner. When you hunch over or slouch, you immediately lose inches off of your height, which can also make you look heavier.

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You just need to one thing to assume that your have exact posture during sitting as you should have. Look in the mirror and assess your posture. According to “Shape” magazine, when you turn to the side you should be able to draw an imaginary line from our earlobe to your hip, knee and ankle. If your line is wobbly, straighten up.

5. Do Yoga

Most important thing that people usually do in today’s time is “yoga”. Apart from regular exercising, practicing yoga also helps in maintaining the correct posture and thus contributes not only to height gain, but to the overall development of your body. The different yoga positions make your body supple, besides stimulating the growth hormones.

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Yoga cleanses and detoxifies your body to enable the growth of healthy cells and hormones. All these might have an effect on your height and, with rigorous practice, make you seem taller than before.

Sun Salutaion and Sukhasna are one of the main yogas that you should do to increase your height. These are the main techniques and ways through which anybody among the youngsters can increase their height by some inches. Nobody can deny these factors because these all are natural as we all see people do in their daily routine. Stay healthy and live long life.


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