Man Was Given $25 Million For 16-Yr Wrong Sentence. What He Did With Money Landed Him In Jail

Published on March 16, 2017 by Tajinder Singh

A man from Chicago named Thaddeus Jimenez has been sentenced imprisonment for more than nine years by a federal court.

It so happened that in 2012, he was awarded with $25 million as he was wrongfully convicted in a murder case for 16 years. However, the money that he received was used by him to make his own street gang.

On Thursday, a video was shown in the court in which Thaddeus could be seen shooting a former member of his gang on his legs. After watching the video, the U.S. District Judge Harry Leinenweber sentenced Thaddeus for nine years.

The video was shot by Jose Roman, the co-defendant with Thaddeus, while sitting in the Mercedes and Jose has been sent to prison for just over 7 months. Earlier, he pleaded guilty to charges related to federal weapons.

As per the Chicago Tribune reports, the millions have been spent by Thaddeus on the luxury cars for himself and his gang members. In fact, he has also paid his gang members for tattooing the emblem of gang on their faces.

Here our main motive is to show you all that even this guy has brilliant amount in his pocket then he has been trapped into big problem.


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