Mr. Olympia – JUSTIN COMPTON Another Brilliant Rising Star

Published on January 6, 2017 by Tajinder Singh

Mr. Olympia – JUSTIN COMPTON Another Brilliant Rising Star. Life before gym was very active as I was into a lot of sports. I loved football and athletics, but once I hit high school I moved into Rugby Union. I played a lot sports because of my competitive nature, as well as my need to push myself and become good at whatever I did.

After starting up Rugby there was a need to be big and strong so that’s why I initially started hitting the gym. I enjoyed making gains and I continued to try to improve my strength and size.

My life is very regimented at the moment. I am still strict on the dieting as I am preparing for upcoming comps. My job entails helping people and motivating them to become bigger, fitter and stronger. This helps motivate myself when I see them going through amazing transformations.

Watch the full story of this bodybuilder in the video here.



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