Pretty Girl Orgasms in Front of Mom As Boyfriend’s Vibrating Panties Prank Is Strange

Published on March 20, 2017 by Tajinder Singh

As far as pranks go, this one has got to be one of the embarrassing that I’ve seen in a while. Dude goes inside his girl’s house and gives her a naughty gift – a pair of vibrating panties.

“What the hell?” she asked. She later inspects the weird-looking panties which has a really loud buzz and equipped with a remote control that looks like a small phone. But she was cool enough to go along with the prank. She wears the panties and gives him free reign on the remote control.

After putting a camera on the car’s dash, they drive over to his Mom’s house to take her out to dinner. After picking Mom up, they drive to the restaurant and this is where things start to get totally funny.

With girlfriend on the wheel and Mom on the passenger side, he pushes buttons on the remote, eliciting electric-like shocks and giggles from the driver. Mom, who has no idea what’s going down, keeps on asking what’s happening.

“Has she been drinking already? Are you all right?!?”

Eventually the couple had to come clean and told Mom about the vibrating panties. Good thing she’s totally cool about the whole thing!

Watch out the full video and enjo. Give us views about the prank.



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