Smart India Hackathon, Really a push for health sector

Published on November 24, 2016 by Tajinder Singh

Smart India Hackathon, Really a push for health sector

Smart India Hackathon, Really a push for health sector.We all know the real importance of digitisation in today’s world. There is most important thing which ‘v been used in recent time is only the technology. New inventions in technology increased its demand in whole world.With Smart India Hackathon 2017 launched earlier this month, an initiative to kick-start the Digital India Revolution in the country, healthcare sector is going to gain many benefits from the programme.

Smart India Hackathon 2017 is world’s biggest digital movement wherein 30 lakh technology students, more than 6,400 tech institutes will compete in 36 hour nonstop coding challenge across 33 centers in the nation to find out innovative solutions for any given problem statement.

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The smart india hackathon will be tremendous step towards the growth of digitisation in our country. We all need this thing for the growth of our country. Both in economical growth and financial growth we need technology at some high level . The main thing which needs more in our country is proper use and training of this technology. Even there are lots of institutes in our country which provides high class education towards technology, but there are only high class students can afford. The students who doesn’t have such amount of money can’t go over there in any case. So this is the most important need of our country’s development in technology sector.

The Smart India Hackathon 2017 will aim to find digital solutions to problems in areas of power, education, health, water, finance, agriculture, energy, urban and rural development, aviation and shipping, transport, sanitation, sports, law and justice, skill development and entrepreneurship, defence, etc. And most of these departments already ‘v been done through different aspects of technology with digital hackathon. Just on thing need to be taken care of is correct use of technology in every field.


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