The Man With The 44lb Arm BORN DIFFERENT

Published on January 7, 2017 by Tajinder Singh

The Man With The 44lb Arm BORN DIFFERENT. God has given us beautiful life with our body structure. We should appraise this structure by taking care of it. Many people in today’s world doesn’t take care of their body and want to eat and drink non acceptable things in their daily routine. But after some time they realize when they trap into serious disease with in the body.

You are luck person if you have got proper body. Because there are lots of other people who have disabilities and additional parts included in their body. You are far good from them in body structure.

A RARE genetic condition has caused a man’s arm to swell to 44lbs (20kg) – more than the double its normal size. Bablu Pashi, 25, from Allahabad, India, suffers from gigantism, a disease that causes excessive growth of body tissue. His right arm is so large that it causes him pain when washing and means he can only walk for 10 minutes without taking a break. “The weight of my arm is 20 kilos and while washing it up it starts to hurt,” Bablu said. “I am not able to walk. I walk for 10 minutes and then for 10 minutes I have to rest. These are the difficulties I face.”

Respect your body and take care of it and you ‘ll see that it ‘ll take care of you in later age.


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