This Video Of A Man With No Legs Lifting Over 200 Kilograms Will Inspire You!

Published on February 10, 2017 by Tajinder Singh

You have come to perfect place of you are looking for inspiration to to gym today. Zack Ruhl, a 26 year old fitness trainer based in Texas who had to get his legs amputated due to a rare bone anomaly can bench press 420lbs and do push ups in his wheelchair. He overcame many critics to open his own gym in the city and helps others like him to help many people like him.Not only this, all of his classes are free.

Ruhl was born without any Thigh Bones and other bones were so rigid that doctors didn’t have any option but to amputate his legs.

His mom told him from the beginning that he can do whatever he wants.

However,he can do hand stands,wheel chair pushups which is quite impossible for someone like him to do with such body condition.

He does these exercises which would be impossible for anyone like him with ease.

He says “Helping other people with disabilities is by far the best accomplishment I can get.

And yes,He is an amazing guy who trains fellow disabled people without charging anything.

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